CME Accreditation

The program of this meeting has been accredited by the European Board for Accreditation in Hematology (EBAH), an accreditation body supported and endorsed by the European Hematology Association (EHA).

20 (Twenty) EBAH-CME Credit Points

In order to make sure you obtain your points, you have to have an account at the EBAH online system at

Shortly after the IACH Meeting dates, all participants, registered with the EBAH, will be able to print a European Board for Accreditation in Hematology (EBAH) CME certificate indicating the number of EBAH- CME Credit Points awarded, directly from the system on the CME section of the EBAH website (

If you do not yet have an EBAH account, please create one for yourself following the steps below:

  1. Visit our website:, or click directly here.
  2. Create a CME account which is a simple procedure and free of cost.
  3. Provide your details to the event organizers, so they can add your CME credit points to your personal account – please send a request by email to:, noting your IACH registration confirmation number and your EBAH membership ID number.

For further assistance please contact:
Tel: +31 70 3020 099

Please click here to review the IACH 2019 Disclosure Summaries.